A Few Things I Know, I Think

A  few things I know, I think.

My kindness is my weakness.
Our children need to be raised by mentors who lead by example. Not, dictators full of “because, I said so’s.”

I need to be more honest… with myself.

You are where you are supposed to be, right now.
It is practical to plan ahead. You should have a plan. But I’ve learned not to become erratic if I (or someone I’m waiting for) is running late. It’s pointless frustration.
A handfull of humans on September 11, 2001 were late to work.
This saved their life.

Speak to your child with respect. The same respect your give your friends or coworkers. I remember yelling at my child, “Shut up!” Words I would never say to a friend. Even if she was getting on my last nerve. Why would we give our friends more respect than our beautiful babies.
I wish I would of known this then. But I do now.

Embrace all of your communities. Your neighborhood. Your block. Your fellow commuters. Your child’s school. Your boyfriend’s family. The people who are at Disneyland at the same time you are.
You are one with them.

People are unpredictable, including the one’s you thought were the most predictable. It’s painful.

Eye contact is magic.
If you are looking for answers, it’s in the eyes.
If you are looking to connect, it’s through the eyes.
If you are looking for respect, it’s set in your eyes.

Believe what people tell you. If a person tells you, “Yeah, I get kind of crazy.”  This means that this person, “Gets kind of crazy.”
They are not joking with you. They are giving you a warning.

Expectations lead to resentment. Give to give. Not to expect. Most importantly, this includes time, attention and love.

The best therapy you can give yourself is helping someone who is in more need than you. Even when you think you are at your worst. Even when you think you can’t.
At least try.

Men & women can not be “just friends“.
End of story.

Consistently educating yourself and sharing that knowledge with others who value your opinion and thoughts is what love really is. Give your love to those who appreciate it.

Your soulmate is your friend. Not someone you had sex with.

A hangover is a blessing.
Believe this please.

What seems perfect is usually the opposite.
You already know this.

Watch what you say, how much you indulge, check your ego, never swear that you, “Swear you would never… ”
Karma is on the next block.
You are not an exception.

You are too hard on yourself. Relax. Breathe. Cry. Smile. Laugh. Be.

Follow your heart.
Not your emotions.
Not your thoughts.
Not his head.

The truth is, we are only on this planet for a half second. We are alive. We will pass. We will be forgotten. But right here, right now you matter, very much. Even if you think you don’t,
Even if you think you’re going to live forever,
Be here NOW. Remember: You are at the right place at the right time.

Sometimes there is no answer or reason or justification. Let it be.

Don’t believe everything you read. A lot of people are full of shit. You can write the truth. Please do.